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Toddler STEAM activities with MOM and POP

STEAM –Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics - tall words, when we are talking toddlers ! Well, the term and its use are not new but of course, its common use by aware parents of kids has definitely picked up a lot now. However, in context of toddlers it still seems to be a misnomer to most.
Before  moving on to implement it, let us first try to understand STEAM. It is much more than the acronym described above. For me STEAM is an approach, a thought process on how parents and other educators should be encouraging children to integrate knowledge across disciplines, to think in a connected and more holistic way.
STEAM originally STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) has a huge advantage over plain STEM learning. The added A of Arts has opened up a huge new world of possibilities by integrating these STEM disciplines with real world practices of design and so much more.
Thus, STEAM has brought into focus the essential skills of the present and future- critical…

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